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Z City for PC, Windows And Mac Download

Z City for PC is Zombie themed Game developed by IM30, now a days zombie or nigh walker type game getting more attention then other action game. So Z city is action game but it is strategic, you will find more horrible creatures sucking blood and looking filthy. As every zombie game they are attacking on human community and the horrible thing come to all world. So you are the leader of human side and you will fight against them to survive human life in this plant. See also Clash of Zombies II: The invasion of Atlantis and Dead Town – Zombie survival.

In the game play you have many option in hand to play the game, you can play as multiple player game. You will be leader of human side and you must defend them from zombies. Other human are always welcome new player and they will join you to battle against Zombies. You just to make alliance of human against zombies and provide training to your army.

How To Play Z City On PC:z city for pc

First you need to download BlueStack Android emulator on your PC or Windows and Mac. Once you download complete install the pack, and add your gmail account in Bluestack by go to setting then Accounts and add your gmail account. SO type in your search bad “Z City” by Next Streaming. Click on the app and install it on your Bluestack. Once installation is complete go to your apps area and find the downloaded application. Find Z City and start using it.

Install Z City by APK File In PC:

  • At very first you need to download Z City APK file.
  • Now you need setup Bluestack Player, you can download here. Once you download, install it on you PC.
  • Now open the player and install your downloaded app through Bluestack.
  • Once installation complete, now search “Z City” in Bluestack player, locate your app and use it.
  • You can Install Z City from Google Play Store.


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