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iMessage On PC Windows And Mac

Mostly people think that Apple wants to keep its services limited to its own iDevices and Mac computers. Many people use only Apple computers, so they can get iMessage online easily on their desktop.  But there are mostly people who have window PC and cannot get iMessage on PC. So today i have a great news for all of Windows users. Now you can run iMessage app on PC, windows without facing any serious problem. Now you can send and receive iMessages, even you are on your work or any other place where you are using window PC. See also Message peeping Tom for PC i hope you like this app.

iMessage On PC 2017:

imessage on PCiMessage for PC is just an app service. If you want this app on your computer you must already have own iPhone, iPod or Mac computer as well. iMessage is bundle into OSX and iOS, if you have a single Apple product you must have an account. So keep in mind that you are not able to get iMessage until you already have to enable on one of those devices and can use it to push or connect with your PC to use iMessage. If you don’t have any Apple product and you want iMessage on your PC, so don’t worry about it. Today here i will tell you how you can get iMessage Winodws without any Apple product on your desktop.

Alternative Apps For iMessage:

There are two main ways to get iMessage on PC. check out the methods below.

How to get iMessage for PC with iPhone?

If you want iMessage app on window PC then, you must have an iPhone or Mac with iMessage app. Follow these steps to get your iPhone or iPad to push iMessages to your PC.

  • Download chrome on both system and chrome remote desktop app as well.
  • After installing the app, go to your settings, then Remote Messages. Make sure you create a username and a password and toggle the enable button on.
  • Now your iPhone or iPad device will be able to connect messages to your PC.
  • You will have to make sure your Apple device and your PC are connected to the same WiFi connection otherwise this method won’t work.
  • Open your browser, this works on Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc. You will want to enter in the IP address shown in your Remote Messages settings.
  • After entering in the IP address, enter in a “:333” which is the server port. Example: If your IP address is, then you’d type in in your address bar.
  • If you want to see all of your iMessage for Windows 10 conversation on your window computer, then you have to enter in your username and password.

How To Use iMessage For Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 using Bluestacks?

iMessage is an Apple’s own app, it’s not come originally for any other machines. But there is an emulator that will run iMessage on your window PC. For installing iMessage on PC follow these steps.

  • First you need to download Bluestack emulator.
  • Once you download the Bluestacks then Run it.
  • When this emulator completely install in your PC then search “iMessage” in the search bar. you will get the app in the results.
  • Download imessage for pc, set it up and start using in your Window PC.

Now enjoy iOS app on your window PC without any iOS product. And start enjoying chat with your friends and family. I hope this guide work for you Thanks!

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