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install and use Android Apps in your PC

Download Face Swap For PC, Windows And Mac

Face Swap for pc

Face Swap for PC is a full of fun app and free of cost. Face swap is not only stretches you an enchanted understanding of face substitution with friends and families, it also stretches you to casually swap your face with super stars and cute animals. Transform into new you …

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Magicsing Karaoke for PC, Windows And Mac

MagicSing Karaoke for pc

Magicsing Karaoke for PC is an application for perfect home base karaoke entertainment. This app will help you when you want to relieve stress for seconds. Magicsing completely supports singing room service from tuning to melody control. This application provides suitable screen design voice search and favorite song recording function. …

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Careem For PC, Windows And Mac

Careem for pc

Careem app for PC is free of cost with many functions. Careem car application is introduced by a Careem CAB service which is working on the international level. This application is safe, reliable and can help you in getting the best affordable rides whenever you need it. You do not …

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Download Ola Cabs For PC, Windows And Mac

OLA CAB for pc

Ola Cabs for PC is an emerging application on the Google Play Store. This application is originally based in India. Ola Cabs is a taxi service similar to the international cab service UBER. The Ola cabs app on PC is the relaxed and fastest way to book a taxi in …

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Chatous For PC, Windows 10/8/7 And Mac

Chatous for pc

Chatous for PC is an outstanding social application which comes in various versions. These versions varies from device to device. The last update for Chatous was on 5 July 2017. Chatous on PC allows you to chat with people from all over the world. There are no restrictions for downloading …

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V380 for PC, Windows And Mac

V380 for pc

V380 for PC is a camera application originally developed for android. This application works with WiFi camera products which can be used by remote controlling the camera, remote viewing and remote reshowing. V380 serves as a security guard for you house. It’s your home security housekeeper. V380 for PC is …

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Download VideoShop For PC, Windows And Mac

Videoshop for pc

Videoshop for PC is one of the best video editing application available in the market. It has so many options and opportunity for the user that it is becoming popular day by day. Videoshop is the application with no cost. You can download it for PC and MAC OS for …

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Word Guru for PC

Word Guru for PC

Word Guru for PC and MAC OS is an awesome game for all the people who are interested in playing trivial game. Word Guru was actually made for Android and in this tutorial we will show you how you can access word guru on PC and MAC OS. It is …

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Hoop Legends Slam Dunk For PC, Windows And Mac

hoop legends slam dunk

Hoop Legends Slam Dunk for PC is the new uprising game on the Google Play Store. Hoop Legend Slam Dunk for PC Is beautiful debuted games with awesome graphics and best game play. The user will enjoy the game because it is easy to play but remember beginning is easy …

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