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10 Best Android Games you Can Play On PC – Top IO Games

 Slitherio – Best Android Game for PC:play slither.io

Slither.io is one of the best IO game ever, it came in last year may 2016 and broke all record on iOS and Android play store in US. Its based on old snake game, i can say everybody who love game played old snake game. So if you are snake game lover then you are on right spot, Slither.io is complete package to fulfill all your desires. The game-play is very simple you need grow your snake bigger in the arena. Save your snake to touch other snake body and make them trap in that they touch your body and get killed. then you need to collect their points and make your snake more bigger. Amazing graphics and ease of control make your more addicted to this game. Slither.io available on iOS and play Store You Can download from below links. See also:  8 ball pool is also an awesome android games, it is one of the trending pool games. Check out hacked 8 ball pool and get the latest hacks for 8 ball pool.

Zlap.io – Best Android Game For PC:Zlap.io

Zlap.io is one of the best multiplayer online game, you can play on your PC free. Zalpio is simple game and good for your kids also. But it make some interest when there are a lot of player online and competition has been start. The game play is very simple and addictive you have one mode one object and you are also one hit away to kill your own self, so be careful while playing. You need to control your player from the joystick given on the screen. Zlap.io available on Play Store and Android Users, you can download from links given below.

Wormax.io – Best IO Games to Play on PC:Wormax.io game

Today there are a lot of Slither.io copies available in market to play the game, Some has been removed by Play Store and App Store. The Wormax.io is one of the most finest clone of Slither.io. I am really got addiction as i got when i played Slither.io earlier last year. The game-play is same but you have extra new features some as Magnet, health, telescope, toxic and max conservation. You can say that the developer of slither.io forget things and those things are added in Wormax.io. Its is complete package of fun and entertainment. Wormax.io is available on Google Play Store and for iOS user, you can download on your smartphone from below links

Mopeio – Best IO Game for PC:mope.io game

Another absolute worth of your online time for gaming, Mope.io is pure gem to get your attention and you need focus on this multiplayer game. The best game for puzzle, thrill and time pass. Game-play is as easy as other io games has, you start with a small mouse and the battle start from begin. In the arena you have other dangerous animals by the game and other players too. You need to focus on other animal abilities and hunt them. Rule is simple how many animal you hunted, you got as many power to attack on other animal. Mope.io is available for Android and iOS user, you can download for your smartphones from links below.

Wormate.io – Best IO Game for PC:Wormate.io game

Now Wormate.io get no 5 in my Best io games list, you can call it another slither.io clone. What the hell is going on, every body is making now clone, no one have independent mind. That is not the problem, because people like these game very much and Wormate.io is also going so good. Game-play is amazing, adventures game make you fan and regular player on just first few games. Your entire game depend on the worn and he is ready to eat every thing in the battle. You must keep one thing in your mind that it is a multiplayer game and all the player are hungry and they can even eat you. The game graphics are amazing, different chocolate and ice creams make you hungry in real life. So get some food before going to play this game. Warmate.io is available for Android and iOS user, you can download this game from below links.

Blockor.io – Best IO Game:Blockor.io play

Blockorio is another gem of IO games series, amazing addictive and hilarious. You just need to start playing and then you left all other things. Gameplay is simple when you star the block you have in your control is very small. You just need to collect more blocks and they attached to your main block. You can change direction of every block block, rotate it and even shoot it with any small block. Just have a eye that big blocks is destroying small blocks. Graphics is just OK and game control can be best if you have a good internet connection. Blockor.io is available for Android and iOS users, you can download from given links below for you smartphones.

Bloble.io – Best IO Game:Bloble.io play game

Blobleio is little bit different game, it is multiplayer game and you need to defend you base and try to attack other bases. You just need a military mind to set up your forces in your ring and make plan how to defend you base ans attack on others. The empire you bullied in your circle you have different options like money generators, Guns, core, flying triangles. You have also different weapon selection and choose what you like to play more aggressive. The weapon selection panel located under bottom of playing circle.

Bonk.io – Top IO Game:bonkio play game

Bonk.io is another different game on IO games series, its totally depends on newton low of gravity. So if you like physics then play the game and if you don’t like it then must play Bonk.io to understand physics. Multiplayer game give you room for six player and you need to shoot and bonk other out of the arena then you won the battle. Bonk.io is very popular among young kids and the reviews are coming that it will be a record breaker game as slitherio. Bonkio is available for Android and Apple user you can download from links given below.

Braains.io – Best IO Game:braains.io game

Braainesio is a zombies based multiplayer game, i don’t know why people like mostly zombies games. but it has worth to play. Game play is interesting you can play as a human survivor or the zombies, it is a 2d multiplayer game. If you choose human then you must move some object in the game to make barricade to defend your self against zombies. If any of zombies touch you then you will become a zombies so don’t forget that. Braainsio available for Android and Apple User use links below to install this game on your smartphones.

Agar.io – Best IO Game: agario game play

Agario is one of my most favorite arcade game ever. In the game you need to move you character in the circle and eat smaller circle that make you bigger and you will rule on arena. But don’t forget more big player then you can eat you easily. Agario is available on Android and for Apple user, use link given blew to download agario into your smartphones.

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