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Android Apps For PC

install and use Android Apps in your PC

FLUD FOR windows, PC And Mac

flud for windows

Flud for Windows is awesome and simple torrent down-loader for your smart phone.the powerful Flud BitTorrent protocol is now available to speed up your smart phones and other iOS and Android devices. You can easily share file by the help of Flud for windows, and download your desirable files with most …

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Orbot: Proxy with Tor for PC or Mac – Windows

Orbot: Proxy with Tor

Orbot for PC is free Proxy app that help to secure your all app while using internet. If you think that you use a save internet connection then you live in an old world. All your apps and data is being monitor every time. So by the help of Orbot …

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KineMaster for PC, Windows And Mac

KineMaster for pc

KineMaster for PC is amazing app for video editing, trimming and adding more pleasant effect to your recorded video to be like professional or remake to accurate the mistakes. There are many video editors you can find on App Store and Play Store but kineMaster is only video editor with …

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Download HTTP Injector for PC, Windows And Mac

HTTP Injector for pc

HTTP Injector for PC is now available for Android and iOS user but if you don’t have any smartphone don’t be worry. You can use it on your laptop, windows and Mac. Rite now we have two method to install HTTP Injector in PC. Method For HTTP Injoctor In PC: …

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Star Stable Horses for PC, Windows And Mac

Star Stable Horses for PC

Star Stable Horses for PC is your Online Stable for your beautiful horses, you can jam ride and earn points. In the game play you will have 5 different level in adventures with beautiful quests.  You will go on mission Jorvik a magical island with your friend. In this adventures …

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Download Facebook Flash for PC – Use Android Apps On PC

Facebook Flash for pc

Facebook Flash for PC is another alternate to the users who find Snapchat is going bore now a days. Facebook always try to bring new things in market and this time Facebook Flash will rule on Smartphone. In the app you will be able to share your pictures, short videos, take …

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Frim Teen Chat & Dating for PC

Frim teen Chat & Dating

Frim Teen Chat & Dating for PC is simple and easy chatting network connect your self with your friends and love ones. Simple interface and ease of use bring more friends matching with you interest. There is no need to set your original name you can pick your nickname and …

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Message peeping Tom for PC

message peeping tom for pc

Message peeping Tom for PC is complete package for you messaging need in a smartphone. Its all about ease of use, user can customize messages according to their need. Peeping Tom has seven different apps for you, user will have to open any apps to read your messages without knowing anyone else. …

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Indoona for PC,Windows and MAC

indoona for pc

Indoona for PC is Simple chat messenger provide you the regular chat , you can interact with all your friends you added in your contacts address book and you can use all the web smart services from your contact list book. In Indoona Chat you can make your own events …

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Happy Bear – Virtual Pet for PC, Windows And Mac

Happy Bear – Virtual Pet for PC is amazing game for your pet loving, in the game your pet need someone attention to look after. it just need your time and attention, so the game is full of joy for those who love to have pet in their home but can’t. Happy …

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